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Intuitive Reading

Gain insight and wisdom from your Soul, Guides, and Akashic Records.

Do you feel confused on what decision to make?  Do you need clarity in one or more areas of your life like career, relationships, life purpose, or health? 

If so, an intuitive reading will provide you with answers from your Soul and Divine Team. Your higher self always knows what decision is for your best and what choice will be the most supportive for your growth. 

I believe we all have the ability to connect to and hear our Souls truth but sometimes when we are feeling stuck or going through a difficult time, we can benefit from outside support so we can remember what the answers are.

Image by Evie S.

What a reading looks like:

At the beginning of the session I'll ask you what areas you are wanting clarity on and if you have any specific questions. 

I'll then connect to your soul and divine team and share any insight they provide. From there we will go into your Akashic Records to share wisdom from your souls blueprint. 

A reading will provide you with your Souls truth and will allow you to have more alignment, flow, and ease in your life. 

The session will be held over Zoom. 

1HR | $85

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