An 8 week program to connect with your soul experience

more happiness + fulfillment.


Do you often think  "What am I suppose to do with my life?"


Do you feel stuck and like something is missing? You know that you have a lot to be grateful for but you still find yourself wondering what your purpose is and why you're here.


Maybe you can't shake the feeling that you're meant to be doing more, and you want to help others but don't know how.


Do you want to feel happy and fulfilled. 


I can promise you that: 

a) You're not alone

b) You're in the right place


This program will align you with your soul so you can find meaning and fulfillment in your life.

Benefits of the Align Program






• Greater clarity on what will bring you joy!

More energy so you won't feel drained by the end of the day

Deeper understanding of your life

Happiness so you can enjoy life to the fullest 

Release any blocks or limiting beliefs that are holding you back 

Learn how to easily hear your Intuition to have the confidence to make decisions

Clarity on your purpose and how you can be of service in the most fulfilling way. 

In Align You'll Learn:

Week 1: Meditation - You'll learn how to create a daily meditation practice and how meditation is the foundation to align with your inner self


Week 2: Intuition - How to hear your intuition so you can make the right choices for you.

Week 3: Energy Clearing + Shielding - In week 3 you'll learn how to clear and shield your energy so you're not affected by other people's energy. 


Week 4: Divine Connection - Do you know how supported you are? If you did, you'd never doubt yourself again. Learn about all the help from above

Week 5: Letting Go - Let go of limiting beliefs, blockages, and stuck emotions that are getting in the way of living your best life.

Week 6: Manifestation - Learn how to use affirmations and the law of attraction to manifest your dreams!

Week 7: Your Purpose - Gain insight on your purpose and find out that thing your meant to do (that will bring you joy.)

Week 8: Align - Take everything we've learnt over the last weeks to align with your Soul.


When: Every Wednesday at 8:00PM starting  February 10 to April 7, 2021 (there will be one week off on March 10th for integration)


*All classes will be held over Zoom and recorded in case you miss one*





In Full



Payment Plan

$254 x 2 months

Align Includes:



 8 live Zoom classes (will be recorded so you can watch again or if you miss a class.)

• A 1:1 session to work through any blocks and give you extra support   

• Soul Work after each session  (Don’t worry it’s the good kind of work!) 



• Guided meditations and workbooks to align with your soul on a daily basis. 

Align is for you if you:


• Feel unfulfilled and overwhelmed

• Would like to experience more joy

• Know you're meant for more but don't know what that is yet

• Want to know what you're meant to be doing in life so you can feel happy + fulfilled 

Are you ready to Align with your Soul?

Ann Ball 2020