Classes + Series


Intro to Meditation

Learn to Meditate. 

Have you always wanted to try meditation? or maybe you have but you couldn't get your thoughts to stop. 

With a daily meditation practice you begin to experience less stress, more resiliency, and a deeper connection with your true self. 

In this class you'll learn: 

• How to meditate

• Benefits of meditation

• The different styles of meditation

• Common myths of meditation

• How to create a daily meditation practice 

Start your meditation practice today! 

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You are the healer

A 6 week series to learn how heal yourself on all levels - mind, body, & spirit.


If you're ready to:

• Learn healing techniques to embrace complete wellness

• Deepen your healing practice so you can feel energized, healthy, and strong

• Have tools to support yourself no matter what you're going through  

• Get to the root cause of any issue so you can begin to heal on all levels

Then this series is for you. 

You'll learn how to heal the:  ​

Physical body: 

- Discover what is your pain or discomfort trying to tell you

- Clarity on the root causes of different body parts 

- An exercise to shift the issue and heal the physical body 

Energy (Etheric) Body:  

- Learn how to scan your aura & clear your chakras

- Easy and effective energy clearing exercises

- How to raise your frequency

Emotional Body 

- What emotions really are and how to feel them so they can move through you

- How emotions get stuck in the body and 2 different methods to easily release them 


Mental Body:  

- Calm the mind and let go of mental chatter 

- Change your thoughts so you can change your reality  

- Discover what limiting beliefs truly are and how to let them go


Spiritual Body 

- Connect to your soul on a daily basis to hear it's guidance

- Work in the akashic records 

- Learn to recognize your ego's voice and your soul's voice



Reiki Level 1 

- you'll be attuned to Reiki level 1

- learn the Reiki principles

- learn how to do a Reiki self healing

- The power symbol


Intuition Training

- learn about the 5 intuitive senses

- hear your intuition and never doubt it again

- how to use your intuition to heal


When: Fall 2022

Where: Zoom  (Recording will be sent out after each class if you can't make it live) * The Reiki class you'll need to attend live"


Investment: $484

or 2 payments of $248


Usui Reiki 

Learn the ancient healing practice of Reiki. 

This easy to learn energy healing modality will completely transform your life and support your well-being forever.

Reiki is a energy healing modality that can:

- Decrease stress in the body 

- Boost the immune system

- Release negative emotions and thought patterns

- Reduce pain, depression, & anxiety 

- Increase spiritual connection

- Balance energy & increase life force energy

Whether you want to take it for yourself or for your family, friends, and animals, this is a beautiful healing modality to learn.


Anyone can learn Reiki and it's very easy to use.


 In Reiki level 1 you'll learn:


  • What Reiki is

  • The 5 Principles

  • The history 

  • The Reiki Power Symbol

  • How to do a Reiki self-treatment

  •  Introduction to the Chakras 

  •  How to practice Reiki on others

  • Using Reiki on plants, animals, & food

 In Reiki level 2 you'll learn:

  • The emotional/mental and distance symbol

  • How to conduct an emotional healing session

  •  How to send distance Reiki 

  •  Advanced Reiki techniques

  •  How to use your Intuition during a session

  •  Group healings 

  •  How to start a Reiki business (or incorporate it into your current business) 

Upon completion of Usui Reiki Level 1 & 2 you will be a certified Reiki Practitioner and can practice Reiki on yourself and others!


Investment: $250/level 

Length: 6 hours/level 

I'm currently offering private 1:1 classes in person or via zoom. Contact me to book your class here. ​