Classes + Workshops

The Light Within

A monthly class to guide you back to your Inner Light.


Each month will have a different theme or topic. This months topic is How to be in Alignment (when your world is upside down.)


The last few months have been challenging to say the least. During difficult times we can easily be thrown out of alignment, causing us to feel overwhelmed, stressed, and defeated. (Which is perfectly ok btw) 


In this class I'll share: 

• What being in alignment really means

• Exercises to get back into alignment

• Breathwork 

• Mindful Movement

• Meditation

• Distance Healing

• Journal Prompts 


Everyone welcome. 


When: June 15, 2020 at 8:00PM


Where: Online via Zoom


What You'll Need: A notebook, pen, and somewhere cozy to watch 

Amount: Free




A 5 Week Program to align you with your true self so you can live your purpose.


Do you feel like you're meant to be doing more in life? You know you have a lot to be grateful for but you can't shake the feeling that something is missing


Do you want to wake up feeling happy, fulfilled, and living your purpose?


I can promise you that:

a) You're not alone

b) You're in the right place





In this program we'll cover: 


Week 1: Meditation - You'll learn how to create a daily meditation practice and how meditation is the foundation to align with your inner self


Week 2: Core Desired Feelings - How do you want to feel? This week you'll learn your CDF's and how to use them to manifest your desires. 


Week 3: Energy Clearing + Shielding - In week 3 you'll learn how to clear and shield your energy so you can feel good every day. 


Week 4: Hear Your Intuition - How to hear your intuition so you can make the right decisions for you.


Week 5: Align With Your Soul - Learn how to align with your Inner Self on a daily basis so you can step into your purpose.


Bonus Class: Your Purpose - Prompts to discover your purpose. We'll finish with a guided meditation to find your purpose and work through any blocks that are getting in the way of you living your purpose. 



  • Align resources and exercises to support you

  • Videos of each class to watch again or if you miss a class

  • Meditations to get you into alignment

  • 1:1 Session with me to work through any blocks that are coming up for you 


When: Every Tuesday starting June 30 - July 28,2020 + Bonus Class on July 30th 


Where: Online via Zoom


Investment: $274 or two payments of $142


Intro to Intuition

Learn how to hear + follow your intuition.


We were all born intuitive, but somewhere along the way we forgot how to 

trust and use our intuition. This two hour class will help strengthen your

intuition and give you the confidence to make decisions using your inner

guidance system.


You'll learn:

  • How do you hear your intuition?

  • Exercises to strengthen your intuition

  • Ego vs Soul

  • Meet your higher self, angels, and guides

  • How to use a  pendulum, muscle testing, & oracle cards


All levels welcome. 


When: August 2, 2020


Where: Online via Zoom


What you'll need: A notebook, pen, and pendulum or long necklace w/ charm


Investment: $54

Discover Meditation

A 6 week series to explore 6 different styles of meditation.


In this weekly series we will cover:

• Mindfulness

• Chakra Meditation

• Mantras & Mudras

• Breath Exercises

• Visualization Meditation

• Yoga Nidra & Body Scan 


All levels welcome. 


When: Next class TBA.


Where: Online via Zoom


What you'll need: A yoga mat, pillow, blanket, notebook, and pen. 


Investment: $113






What people are saying about Discover Meditation

 Ann's guidance and confidence shone through. I learned something each week that was valuable and easy to replicate on my own time.

-- Krystal B

Ann is a great meditation teacher/facilitator. She allowed us to explore many different styles of meditation that were beneficial in helping to calm the mind and body, and connect to the spirit on a deeper level. She is very insightful and I love how she listens to her intuition and follows her inner guidance.


I would definitely sign up for another series with Ann. She is a truly genuine person who has a real desire to support others along their journey. 

- Yolande K

I signed up to learn more about the different meditations out there.. and I got so much more out of the class. I learned new-to-me techniques that I can use every day. And best of all, after each session with Ann, I experienced a calmness and peacefulness that carried me through to the next session and beyond. 

So if you want to start a meditation practice or are curious about the many kinds of meditations out there, this is the class for you. Ann will gently guide you through each session, and you'll experience the benefits in the days and weeks after.

- Sheila S

Ann Ball 2020