Classes + Series


Soul Writing

Learn how to connect to your soul and hear the messages that it has for you.


Your Soul is always guiding you, sending you messages on what steps to take next and what option is for your best and highest good. One of my favourite ways to connect with my soul is to do a practice called Soul Writing. 


Join me for a beautiful evening of meditation to connect to your soul and from this space you’ll write the intuitive messages your soul wants you to know! 


During this class you’ll: 

• learn how to hear your intuition & write from your soul

• experience a connecting guided meditation 

• be guided into the soul writing practice 

• get soul prompts to take with you 


Use this practice to connect to your soul on a daily basis to receive divine guidance. 💕


When: Jan 4th @ 7:00PM


Where: Online 


Amount: $25 


Flow + Let Go

Gentle Flow Yoga class followed by S.I.T to clear any blockages that are keeping you stuck. 

Each month we'll be working on a different pattern, belief, or ailment that is creating discomfort in your life.


This month we will be working through the blockages that are contributing to anxiety.

Do you feel anxious when:

• meeting new people

• public speaking

• travelling

• making a decision

• driving

• experiencing change


In this months Flow + let go class we will do a gentle yoga practice that will support you in feeling calm and relaxed. We will finish the class with SIT statements to let go of and clear anxiety.


When: December 7th at 7PM


Where: Online


Amount: $34


Intro to Meditation

Learn to Meditate. 

Have you always wanted to try meditation? or maybe you have but you couldn't get your thoughts to stop. 

With a daily meditation practice you begin to experience less stress, more resiliency, and a deeper connection with your true self. 

In this class you'll learn: 

• How to meditate

• Benefits of meditation

• The different styles of meditation

• Common myths of meditation

• How to create a daily meditation practice 

Start your meditation practice today! 

Get instant access to my free Intro to Meditation training.


Usui Reiki 

Learn the ancient healing practice of Reiki. 

This easy to learn energy healing modality will completely transform your life and support your spiritual growth.

Reiki is a energy healing modality that can:

- Decrease stress in the body 

- Boost the immune system

- Release negative emotions and thought patterns

- Reduce pain, depression, & anxiety 

- Increase spiritual connection

- Balance energy & increase life force energy

Whether you want to take it for yourself or for your family, friends, and animals, this is a beautiful healing modality to learn.


Anyone can learn Reiki and it's very easy to use!


 In Reiki level 1 you'll learn:


  • What Reiki is

  • The 5 Principles

  • The history 

  • The Reiki Power Symbol

  • How to do a Reiki self-treatment

  • Introduction to the Chakras 

  • How to clear your energy 

  • How to practice Reiki on others

  • Using Reiki on plants, animals, & food

 In Reiki level 2 you'll learn:

  • The emotional/mental and distance symbol

  • How to conduct an emotional healing session

  • How to send distance Reiki 

  • Advanced Reiki techniques

  • How to use your Intuition during a session

  • Group healings 

  • How to start a Reiki business (or incorporate it into your current business) 

Upon completion of Usui Reiki Level 1 & 2 you'll be a certified Reiki Practitioner and can begin practicing Reiki on yourself and others!


Investment: $200/level 

Length: 6 hours/level 

Reiki refreshers and re-attunements are also available for $40/HR

I'm currently offering private 1:1 classes in person or via zoom. Contact me to book your class here. ​