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Discover Your Light

 Discover your gifts + Shine your light! 

Do you feel like..

>>  There's more you're meant to be doing but don't know what it is?

>>  You're meant to help others but don't know how?

>> You're not on the same page as everyone else and confused in the world we're living in?

>> Overwhelmed by the collective energy?

What if I told you that thing your missing is your connection to yourself. Your true self, your intuition, your inner light. That everything you're looking for is within YOU. 

When you begin to connect to your Soul and follow your intuition, your life begins to change in the most amazing way! 

You begin to:

• Let go of stress and worry

• Know that no matter what's going on around you that you'll be ok 

• Share your unique talents and gifts with the world

• Feel centred, happy, and fulfilled.

• Always feel guided and supported. 

• Make decisions from an aligned place and know how to create your dream life!   

Image by frank mckenna


>> Waking up feeling happy + fulfilled​

> Not being affected by everything going on around you.

>> Being connected to source everyday so you can feel in flow and inspired

>> Trusting your intuition so you always know what step to take next (no more confusion!)

>> Having awareness of the thought patterns, blockages, and limiting beliefs that are holding you back and how to move through them.

>> Living in alignment with your true self and only doing things that bring you joy! 

This is possible for you! All that searching and feeling of unfulfillment is your souls way of telling you that you are meant for more! You are here for a reason, are you ready to discover what that reason is? 


Hi, I'm Ann

I've always been sensitive to energy but after having my first born it increased even more. ​I experienced a traumatic birth with my son which I believe made my nervous system run in overdrive. Shortly after he was born I started to experience symptoms of postpartum anxiety and depression. There were many days that I didn't feel like I was going to get through and wished my life could just go back to 'normal.'


It was through this difficult time that I woke up and discovered my true self, my soul, and realized everything I was searching for was within.


Through Reiki and Meditation, I began to connect to my true essence on a daily basis. Following my inner self’s wisdom, I took my Reiki training which lead to me opening my business and helping hundreds of women.


I've experienced more happiness, fulfillment, and clarity in these last few years than I have my whole life. Of course, there has been challenges along the way, but I now have the tools to align back with my soul on a daily basis.

It's my passion to guide women back to their true self so they can experience more happiness and fulfillment, while creating the life they desire! 

During our time together, I'll teach you how to connect to your Soul on a daily basis so you can live a life of meaning and fulfillment, while inspiring others. 

What you'll receive: 

During our time together you'll learn how to:


• Create a daily meditation practice

Hear your intuition

• Change your mindset to manifest your dreams


Clear and balance your energy


Connect to your higher self, angels, and guides and work with them during a session

Become aware of limiting beliefs and trapped emotions that are holding you back so you can let them go

 • Practice Reiki on yourself and connect to source energy (your inner light)

• Discover your unique gifts to share with the world!

 12 x 60 min calls 

• Unlimited support and guidance via email

Soul Work - easy practices to bring more light into your life! ex. books, exercises, meditations, articles, and videos


• Exercises to connect with your inner light on a daily basis

BONUS:  Usui Reiki Level 1 training ($250 value) + Healing Package (crystals, sage, pendulum) 

 Investment: $824


2 payments of $444 


This is for you if you: 


>> Feel like you're meant for more and want to know what that is

>> Know you're meant to help others but don't know how.

>> Feel lost and confused on your path and want clarity on what steps to take next

>> Want to feel happy, fulfilled, and inspired

>> Need guidance by someone who truly cares about you and will cheer you on!

Are you ready to discover your gifts + shine your light? 
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