Distance Sessions

Distance Healings combine Reiki, IET, Meditation, Intuitive Guidance, and an Oracle Card Reading. After a distance session, you will find yourself feeling clearer, lighter, and with a greater sense of purpose. 

Benefits of a Distance Session

  • Balance your energy from the comfort of your own home

  • Release any blocks that are holding you back from living your best life

  • Supports your bodies self-healing on all levels - physical, mental, & emotional

  • Reduces stress and anxiousness

  • Clarity on your life purpose

  • Helps you feel relaxed and at ease 


What does a session look like?

30 min. Session - I will contact you via text or email before the session begins to set an intention for your session (something you are hoping to gain or let go of). I will then send you a guided meditation to listen to during. When the session is over I will text or email you your intuitive and oracle card reading. 


60 min. Session - I will call you before the session begins to talk about your goals for the session and to set an intention. I'll then guide you through a meditation.


During the session, you will find yourself feeling relaxed and at ease. If you are sensitive to energy you may feel energy flowing in your body.


After the session is done I'll call you back to share your oracle card reading and discuss any intuitive messages that came up (This could be things like blockages I detected or guidance about your career, health, relationships, or life purpose.)

Who is a distance session for?

You if you're: 


  • Feeling stressed out and overwhelmed 

  • Not feeling like yourself 

  • Going through a life change 

  • Needing clarity in one or more areas of your life 

  • Want to try a session but are unable to make it in for one 

  • About to have a job interview, doctors appointment, surgery, birth, or any other big life event

  • Want to feel lighter, clearer, and at ease 

Distance Healing Pricing

Distance Healing 30 min.                                                                          $30  

Distance Healing 60 min.                                                                          $60   

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