Intuitive Soul Guidance

Image by Ava Sol

Connect to your Soul and receive guidance on your life's path. 


Do you feel:

• Confused on what to do next

• Not sure what path to choose

• Like something is missing

• Unsure of what decision is best for you? 

An Intuitive Soul Guidance session will support you and give you the tools to move through life transitions and challenges with ease. It will also guide you towards your life purpose.


After a session you'll gain a deeper connection with your Soul so you can experience more peace, clarity, and fulfillment.

The session will be 60 minutes and held over the phone. During the session I'll channel intuitive guidance from your Soul and Guides to bring the clarity you're needing and give you tools to move forward in life. 

For deeper transformation packages of 4 & 8 are available. 



1 Session                                                                          $90 

Package of 4                                                                     $322

Package of 8                                                                     $612