Do you


>>feel like you're meant for more?


>>have a job you don't love wondering if this is it?

 >>try new things only to feel unfulfilled and like it's not right for you?

>> feel like something is missing?


What if I told you that thing your missing is your connection to your self. Your true self, your intuition, your inner guide. That everything you're looking for is within YOU. 

We can spend our entire life looking for happiness outside of ourself but the only way we experience lasting happiness is to go within. 

How do I do this? you might ask.

Through mindfulness and meditation you'll become more aware of the thoughts, emotions, and blocks that are holding you back from the life you desire and most importantly you'll  begin to have a deeper connection with your true self. 

 When you connect to your true self.

your life begins to change in the most amazing way! 


You begin to

  • Let go of stress and worry

  • Know that no matter what's going on around you that you'll be ok (hello 2020)

  • Do things you enjoy which leads you to your purpose.

  • Feel lighter, happier, and fulfilled.

  • No longer look for happiness outside of yourself like in trips, clothes, or relationships, you know that everything you need is within.

  • Know how to make decisions from an aligned place and know that you get to create your reality!  

How do I know this?

Seven years ago I felt completely lost and confused on my purpose. I tried job after job only to feel unfulfilled and even more lost. During this time I was grateful to travel the world but I'd come home with no more clarity on my path than when I left. At this point in my life i was in a constant state of worry about the future and never living in the present moment. Two sum it up in 3 words I felt disempowered, lost, and unfulfilled. 

This continued until my son was born. I experienced a traumatic birth which led to postpartum anxiety and depression. It was through this difficult time that I woke up and discovered my true self, my soul, and realized I was more than my thoughts, and everything I was searching for was within. Through Reiki and Meditation I began to connect to my true self on a daily basis. Following my inner selfs wisdom I took my Reiki training which lead to me opening my business and helping hundred of women. I've experienced more happiness, fulfillment, and contentment in these last few years than I did my whole life. Of course there has been challenges along the way but I now have the tools to align back with my inner self. 

It's my passion to guide women back to their true self so they can experience more happiness and fulfillment in their life and create the life they desire! 

 In Mindfulness Coaching I'll teach you how to connect to your inner guide on a daily basis and hold space for you to let go of everything that's holding you back from living the life you want.  

What you'll get: 

• 60 min Weekly calls for 8 weeks  - held over zoom or the phone

• Support and Guidance throughout

• Guided meditations to help connect with your Inner Self 

• Exercises to guide you within 

$824 or 2 payments of $418

This is for you if: 

-You know you want change but don't know where to begin. 

-Feel unfulfilled and want to know the meaning of your life. 

-Ready to let go of stress & overwhelm 

-Want to feel happy, fulfilled, and free

-Ready to sleep through the night and not be constantly worrying about the future. 

-Feel content now even without ____ (insert thing that will make you happy here) 

Benefits of working with me, You'll: 

  • Receive support in an honest but caring way

  • Have a safe space to feel your feelings so they can move through you 

  • Learn how to hear your intuition so that you can always make choices that are right for you

  • Become mindful of your thoughts and emotions and how they're affecting you

  • Have Your intuition, guides, angels, and divine team to guide us

  • Get my 5+ years of training in meditation, spiritual tools, intuition, mindfulness, and energy healing.

  • Get clarity on what steps to take next  

  • Come back to your true self to let go of stress, overwhelm, & worry so you can trust that life is always working out for you

 If you're ready to finally feel fulfilled and like you're on the right path.  

Book Your Clarity Call Now! 

Ann Ball 2020