Reflexology is a holistic practice where reflex points on the feet are stimulated activating the bodies own healing abilities while promoting complete relaxation.


When the body is ill, stressed, injured, or experiencing 'dis-ease', it is in a state of imbalance and vital body systems can be blocked, preventing the body from functioning optimally. Reflexology can be used to restore and maintain the body's natural balance and facilitate healing while feeling completely relaxing!


Benefits of Reflexology

• Relieves tension and anxiety 

• Promotes feelings of comfort and well-being

• Improves digestion

• Lowers stress

• Promotes a restful nights sleep

• Assists in detoxification

• Ease aches and pains

• Brings the body back to homeostasis

• Allows the body to fully relax so it can heal itself

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What a Session Looks Like:

During a session I'll cleanse your feet with a cleanser and warm towels, I'll then exfoliate your feet with a natural foot scrub, I'll finish the cleansing process with a essential oil toner. 

I'll begin the treatment by warming up the feet and guiding you through a meditation. I'll then go over the different reflex points along the foot.


I'll  finish the treatment by massaging your feet with an essential oil lotion of your choice. (Lavender Vanilla, Orange Vanilla, or Eucalyptus Mint)


By the end of the treatment you'll find yourself feeling completely relaxed and restored. 


60 min. Reflexology  Session                                                                                                  $75

90 min. Reflexology + Reiki  Session                                                                                 $120