I'm Ann - a Reiki Master, Meditation Teacher, and my favourite role a Mom.


I guide women within so they can live their purpose. I do this through Mindfulness Coaching, Energy Balancing Sessions,  and Meditation Classes online and in Fort Saskatchewan, AB.


I created my business in 2015 after experiencing postpartum anxiety and depression after my son was born. It was through this difficult time that I discovered Reiki. Reiki brought me back to my true self (my soul, inner guide, intuition) and allowed my body and mind to heal itself.


After seeing the amazing benefits of Reiki I took my level 1 and 2 Usui Reiki training. I then fell in love with sharing Reiki with others and opened my business.


Shortly after I took my Meditation Teacher training and started incorporating meditation into my Reiki sessions and offering meditation classes. 


It's my passion to guide women back to their inner-self remember their wholeness. Our inner-self knows what we need to do to heal, what steps to take next, and what our purpose is. Everything you need is within, I'm here to hold space for you to go within and get the clarity you're needing.


You can find my offerings here or enjoy my free guided meditations here .



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