I just had my first session with Ann and it was amazing! She is so easy to talk to, you just find yourself opening up, there is no judgement, just love. It was so amazing I can't say enough good things! I am going to bed with a full heart knowing I am exactly where I meant to be doing the things I was meant to do! Thank you, Ann! Sending you so much love!



Ann has helped me learn to listen to my intuition to find out what I want in life, know how to make it happen, and to feel the way that I want to feel every day.  Working with Ann is amazing, I've enjoyed having her teaching me and supporting me so much that I don't want it to be over! She's changed my life in the most wonderful way and I'll never be able to thank her enough for that!



I had never considered Reiki as a practice that would be of benefit for me, despite ventures in almost every other healing modality. But one day it popped into my head and I just knew I needed to try it. With anxiety and some other physical and emotional challenges growing, I searched out practitioners and chose Bliss Wellness. 


I feel blessed to have found Ann, who is a gentle and compassionate healer with a wealth of information and intuition. She knows exactly what is necessary in the moment to move past blocks and has made an incredible difference for me, not just in sessions, but in helping to reframe my thoughts and interactions during everyday life. I look forward to every appointment, and highly recommend Ann as a guide, whether to work through specific issues or just to generally feel amazing!



I had my very first ever Reiki session with the lovely, Ann. In all honesty, I was nervous and completely out of my comfort zone, as I tend to remain somewhat guarded and tense in the emotional sector of life. Within the first few minutes of our session, that all changed. Ann is very gifted, and passionate. She helped me recognize my inner turmoil, and gave me advice on how to manage it. She was able to find me answers to questions that I would have heavily carried throughout my entire life. She truly cares, from the bottom of her heart. I've never had such a personal, emotional experience in all my life. I will never forget it. And I WILL be seeing her again.



I have had many services through Bliss Wellness such as: Reiki, distance Reiki, spirit reading, angel card readings, and even attended a meditation workshop!  Ann has an incredible gift of energy healing, and in my experience, she often knows what is going on inside of me before I do!  Ann is gentle and genuine and will allow you to feel relaxed and at ease.  If you have never had a Reiki session or are looking for a new Reiki practitioner, I highly recommend Bliss Wellness!



As a person who had never experienced a Reiki treatment before, I was so happy to have gotten the opportunity to participate in such a healing and mind opening session! Ann is very professional and so welcoming. I left feeling enlightened and lifted. Along with Ann's skills and knowledge of Reiki, the environment itself was very beautiful and relaxing! Based on my personal experience, I would comfortably recommend Ann to anyone I know.